Friends of Valkenberg Trust

Supporting Recovery


Basic Patient Needs

Never underestimate the power of clean clothing, transport money to go home, or a plastic bag with enough food to last a couple of days.

When we say we meet the most basic of patient needs, we mean it. We operate a small fund that gets patients to and from home safely and assists with ID and grant application costs. We provide essential food parcels for patients who otherwise wouldn’t have food for themselves or their families. We run a clothing depot so we can clothe patients free of charge – providing warmth as well as dignity.

The goal of these projects is to aid recovery by alleviating the worry and stress that can come from not having what you need. With our food parcels and meal vouchers, patients don’t need to worry about their next meal or if they’ll be able to take their medication on an empty stomach. With help from our transport fund patients don’t need to worry about how they’ll get home. Our clothing depot means patients don’t need to worry about the biting winter cold.

We also see to the physical needs of hospital buildings as a therapeutic environment is important to recovery.  We work in conjunction with the hospital to fill the gaps in budgets and provide anything from TV’s to bright curtains.

If you’d like to help with these projects, please stop by our office, email us, or phone us.

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