Friends of Valkenberg Trust

Supporting Recovery



The primary partners of the Friends of Valkenberg are the staff at the Hospital and the service users themselves.  Friend's staff are in regular contact with the Hospital CEO and have a close working relationship with the Valkenberg Occupational Therapy, Social Work and Nursing Departments.

Friends also networks with other organisations in the field, learning from the insights these organisations have to offer, sharing resources and enabling patients to receive maximum benefit from the various services available.

The Friends has association with the following bodies:

Valkenberg Hospital Facility Board

The Friends works collaboratively with the Board on joint projects.  The Board comprises members appointed by the Provincial Minister of Health from the community, including hospital staff and the NPO sector

Welcome Club/Comcare Trust

Friends shares resources and is happy to have volunteers come through from the Welcome Club, a day project for those with mental illness attached to the Comcare Trust.,

Cape Mental Health Society

CMH provides community-based services to many of the people who come to Valkenberg for help.  Friends is collaborating with CMH's Fountain House Catering Unit, around our Cafeteria Project.

Cape Support for Mental Health

CSMH is a group for families of those with mental illness.  Friends keeps in touch in order to share resources and learning.

SA Federation for Mental Health

Friends is a member of this national umbrella body for those involved in mental health