Friends of Valkenberg Trust

Supporting Recovery



The Friends of Valkenberg Trust is an NPO working in conjunction with hospital staff at Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital to promote the recovery of people with serious mental illnesses.  This is vital work, as it means people can get back to their lives, their families, their jobs and their communities.

We recognize and appreciate the team of staff who make recovery possible and serve to remind the larger community, and the service users themselves, that recovery is possible.

We started small. We started as a vision to make a difference at Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital and change lives. We became an integral part of the recovery process at this hospital.

Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital serves adults from a diverse area of more than a million people in the Western Cape-–from Simon’s Town to Nyanga, Grassy Park to Atlantis. Most come from disadvantaged communities. Many have little family or community support and will be in the hospital for a number of weeks.

Through its 60+ volunteers, the Friends of Valkenberg works in conjunction with hospital staff to provide a range of services designed to bring hope and comfort to patients during their stay at Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital; meeting direct needs and helping patients along the road to recovery.

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