Friends of Valkenberg Trust

Supporting Recovery


Wish List

Financial and in-kind donations keep our organisation going. We not only need to fund equipment for our range of projects, but we need to pay the people who make it all happen.  Even a Volunteer programme doesn’t run for free!

Below you’ll find a list of items that we currently need, as well as information on how to get your donation to our office. If you’re unsure if we could use your donation, give us a call. The answer is probably yes.

Patient Needs

  • Clothing and shoes for our clothing depot
  • Books, magazines, and DVDs for our library and for the wards.
  • Art supplies, hair supplies, make up (including samples), cooking equipment and sewing materials for our activity groups with patients
  • Toiletries for inpatients.
  • Sports equipment and games for projects in wards eg cricket, soccer, board games etc.

Ward Needs

  • Household goods like cushions and rugs to make the wards cozier.
  • Small appliances like toasters, TV’s, DVD machines, kettles to make wards more comfortable and entertain patients.

Patient Gifts

It is important that people feel remembered and cared for at special times of the year. Every Christmas we give over 300 patients a carefully wrapped gift. Please phone us for more information on how to help.

Friendly Shop

Our Friendly Shop urgently needs stock to sell. If you have any unwanted goods in reasonable condition–books, clothes, household goods, linen, toys, kitchenware–consider the Friends of Valkenberg!  The Friendly Shop benefits patients, staff, and the local community. All profits are put back into the projects.

Please drop any goods at the Friendly Shop on the Valkenberg Hospital premises. For more information, please call Elaine on 021 440 3288 (10:00 – 14:00) or 021 447 2092 (mornings).

Other Ways to Help